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Power BI Important Concepts and DAX Function | Data Analysis Important Topic and Questions

Power BI important concepts and DAX function

Power BI is business intelligence tool and data visualization tool. Power BI connect with different data source like SQL, CSV, Excel, Website this data used in power BI interactive dashboard and create analysis report.

Power BI Version:

1.     Desktop

2.     Service based (Saas)

3.     Mobile power BI apps

4.     Power Bi report server 


Relationship between BI tool and Data Warehouse

BI tool take data from data warehouse to generate the report for end user

Data Warehouse gather of huge amount of data form single and multiple source.

Data warehouse follow the ETL process

E = Extract the data from single and multiple source and load into it’s environment.

T= Transform the data according to business requirement

L= load the data in the targeted table 

Power BI Flow

1.     Power BI connect with data source

2.     Transform the data according to business requirements

3.     Load the data into power bi desktop

4.     Building relationship between the data

5.     Finally creating report and publish the report 


What is power query in power Bi?

Power query is used to manipulate, import and structure the data into simple form or according to business requirement.

How to open power query in power BI

1. Power BI window Home > Get Data > Select any data source > Browse the file > “Edit” it open the power query

2. power BI window home >  “Edit Queries” 

How to change column data type in the power BI ?

Open the power query in power BI select the column on right hand sight data type tab is available for change data type of column. 

What is data modelling in Power  Bi ?

Data modelling is process which creates relationship between common columns with different tables.

Data modelling perform custom calculation in existing table which can be used in future visualization.

Schemas in Power BI

There is two schemas present in power Bi Star schemas and SnowFlake schemas. Power Bi engine work best with Star Schemas because

·        No looping exists between three or more tables of a data model.

·        Two tables are connected via one active relationship only.

Snow Flake Schemas consist of number of subpart of dimensional table so many relationship is present between dimensional table it’s not good for power bi machine to execute the fast operation.

Star Schemas having direct relation between fact table and dimension table.

DAX in Power BI

Data analysis expression (DAX) is collection of operators and functions used to calculate and return one or more value. This help creating new meaningful information from existing dataset. We can used DAX for create “Calculated column” and “Measure”.


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